Backcountry Travels with Teens: 3 Must Do’s for the Rockies

Berg Lake Trail

Hello there. My name is Sheri Thomasen and I have a teenage daughter who wants to hike with me through the mountains of British Columbia. I am incredibly grateful… but also acutely aware that I have to shell out some bucks and do a lot of the things she wants to do to keep her coming. I’m not dumb. She is not doing this because she wants to hang out with me, but I don’t care. I am just so happy she is joining me on these adventures before she says “sayonara” and heads out solo with friends or (gasp!) a boyfriend.

So what can other mom’s do to bribe their daughter (or son) to join them in climbing  large hills with heavy packs, eating freeze dried mac & cheese, and pooping in fly infested outhouses? Here me out here…

  1. Make sure their boots and pack are comfortable

If there is anything that brings on the whining, it is sore feet or a tight backpack. And if you are anything like me, I will offer to switch packs or shoes just to shut them up. Then I am uncomfortable and grumpy and no one wants to see that. So pay the extra for equipment that will last them until their early 30’s when they may even say “thank you, mom”.

Here is the pack and the shoes I bought for my daughter. After doing the Berg Lake Trail, she was gushing in gratitude about how smart I was in getting her this gear… no, seriously, she did say a quick “these shoes were good, mom”. Hey- that was enough for me!

Gregory Jade 63 Backpack

This backpack carried everything including a bed foam on top