Wednesday- “Yet Do I Marvel”

  1. Cassidy’s Pecha Kucha
  2. Put Haiku’s on the poster board
  3. On your Edublog, go to “dashboard”- “tag”- “haiku” and read all the haikus. Choose the one that you think BEST REFLECTS THE THEMES OF THE HUGHES POEM. So it doesn’t have to be your favourite, just the one that best encapsulates the message in the poem. And don’t just pick your friends!!!!
  4. Find the Haiku on the poster board and put a dot on by the poem. Someone will win the “You are a poet and didn’t know it” prize 🙂
  5. Main Idea exercise.  What is Countee Cullen like as a person and what was his role in the Harlem Renaissance? With your partner, highlight the important points and be ready to report out.
  6. Begin analyzing the poem below 🙂
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