Tuesday- PechaKucha Reflection and “Speaks”

  1. Go to OneNote and look at the “Core Competency” tab and the PechaKucha reflection
  2. Fill in three goals BEFORE you start your PechaKucha by referring to the CC Profiles sheet
  3. Discuss ideas with the people in your group
  4. Finish up “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” including all the questions
  5. Haiku: you are to create a Haiku that reflects the themes in the poem. Begin with brainstorming all the words related to the themes and work from there. When you are done, write it on the poster paper on the board AND post it on your blog (TAG:Haiku, TITLE: Haiku in response to “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”)
  6. Features of Haiku

    • It contains three lines.
    • It has five moras (syllables) in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the last line.
    • It contains 17 syllables in total.
    • A Haiku poem does not rhyme.
    • Haiku poems frequently have a kigo, or seasonal reference.
    • Haiku poems are usually about nature or natural phenomena.
    • The poem has two juxtaposed subjects that are divided into two contrasting parts.
    • In English, this division between two parts can be shown by a colon or a dash.
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