Welcome Back!!

Welcome to English 12.

  1. Here is the syllabus: English 12 Overview- Student copy. Make it your first file in your English 12 folder on your device.

2. Get to know names activity

3. Group Discussion

4. No Red Ink- create an account with the code “purple land 6”. Do the assignment on commonly confused words. Due Friday

5. Please bring in an object on Thursday that represents you OR an experience you have had. If you forget, you will have to improvise which will be less effective. Put it in your phone as a reminder!!!

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone!

This is where I post all the assignments and instructions for the day. Check here everyday, especially if you are sick or absent.

  1. Syllabus: English 10 Overview 2019. This is your first file for your English 10 folder on your device. Save it 🙂

2. Kahoot!!! (test your literature and grammar knowledge)

3. No Red Ink- create an account using the password I have displayed on the board. (Block A is “elastic coat 52” and Block B is “rich jam 84”)

Do the first assignment (rules for capitalization for political parties, academic subjects and ethnicity) It is due by Friday at the latest. 

4. You must bring an object that represents you on Thursday. It should not be too big, or breakable. If you forget, you will have to search through your bag for something but it will be harder to do this assignment. Remember to bring something that represents who you are or an experience you have encountered.