Friday- Butterfly AND Thinking

  1. I am sorry I am away today. A family issue has come up. Mrs. Hui was my student teacher two years ago and she is lovely. Be nice!! BTW- I only see the narrative posts for Amir, Phoenix, Elizabeth, Ethan, Saejin, and Varick. Remember you need to start it with a First People’s Principle of Learning, two things you are proud of and two things you want to improve and an image with your corrected essay. IF YOU DID THIS AND YOU DON’T SEE YOUR NAME, SEND ME THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG
  2. Do a reflection on either your spoken word OR your narrative essay. Choose ONE of the following prompts and respond. Remember to post it to your blog under Core Competencies AND Tag it correctly. I will give you 5 marks for doing it… but if you put little to no effort into the reflection, you will not get full mark.
    1. Personal Identity-” I understand that my identity is made up of many interconnected aspects (such as life experiences,
      family history, heritage, peer groups).” – Explain how your work reflects this “I” statement
    2. Creative Thinking- “I have deliberate strategies for quieting my conscious mind (e.g., walking away for a while, doing
      something relaxing, being deliberately playful) so that I can be more creative.” OR “I can persevereĀ  to develop my ideas. I expect ambiguity, failure, and setbacks,
      and use them to advance my thinking.” –Choose one “I” statement to respond
    3. Communication: “I present information clearly and in an organized way.” OR
      I can present information and ideas to an audience I may or may not know“-
  3. When you are finished, use the steps on the board to analyze this poem: The Butterfly. Work with a partner and do not look at your device for hints until you have exhausted everything you know.
  4. If you have time, continue working on the “Poetry Devices” sheet Poetry Devices. It is due on Monday.