Tuesday- What is poetry?


This week:

  1. Corrections for persuasive due tomorrow. Be sure to add an image, the tag and the title of your essay. Also include two things you are proud of and two you would like to improve for next time.
  2. No Red Ink- some of you still need a lot of work on dialogue, colons, semi-colons, and parallelism. There are new practice exercises on No Red Ink. Test on Monday, April 29th!!
  3. Narrative Essay corrections- corrections, image, TAG: NarrativeX (or A), reflections- due Monday, April, 29th. 
  4. Poetry worksheet- due Monday, April 29th

Poetry today: https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/instagram-poets-rupi-atticus-1.4946225

Poetic Devices for Grade 11:poetry_terminology_11-

New Poetry Terms for Grade 11 Poetic Devices for grade 11-

Worksheet to practice the poetry terms: Device Worksheet-

Quizlet for Poetry Terms: Quizlet for Poetry Terms 11

There will be a test on these terms in about two weeks!!!!

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