Thursday- Narrative Essay is DUE

Persuasive Essays returned!! To get the full 5 marks for the corrections and reflection, do the following:

a. Do the corrections on your original document

b. “Add document” on a post

c. Title is “the title of your essay”

d. Reflect on the blog (not the document): two things you did well on this essay, two things you want to improve for next time

e. add an image. I like pretty blog posts 🙂

f. TAG: Persuasive451

g. Due Wednesday!!!!!

Narrative Essay

By 3:00 today. If you can have it finished by the end of class, I will print for you. If you need the time, you are responsible for printing it out for me by 3:00.

Late assignments means -5%

No Red Ink Quiz on Tuesday!!! (Parallelism, Quotes, colons and semicolons)

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