Tuesday-Read… Discuss… Repeat

  1. Using “THAMO’s” at the beginning of a sentence. If you did not do it already, please do it now.
  2. Go over the reading from yesterday:
    1. What is “Broom a buck”?
    2. Traits of the Kelly’s
    3. “I was a Moose”. What are the many meanings of this line?
  3. Read to page 128.
  4. When you are done, complete the characterization exercise on OneNote. It should be fully done by the end of class.
  5. Inquiry- by now, you should be able to answer your question with some evidence from the novel. Find 1-2 examples from the novel to record in your notes.
  6. Review for the test tomorrow!!!
  7. In class tomorrow, after the test, do the corrections for the paragraph.
    1. Corrections
    2. Add an image that reflects the quote you chose
    3. TAG: Imagery
    4. Title: Imagery in Indian Horse