Monday- Grammar, Reading, Characterization

  1. Test on Wednesday!! 
    1. characterization
    2. imagery
    3. figurative devices
    4. plot questions from chapter 1-11
    5. Questions taken from the ones you completed in OneNote
  2. Conjunctive Adverbs (THAMO’s) on No Red Ink
  3. Go over chapter 18-20 quickly
  4. Do the characterization chart for “Father Leboutilier” when you return to class after reading. 
  5. Add quotes or evidence to your “Inquiry” page in OneNote if you have any answers to your question. (to be done after reading)
  6. Read chapter 78-93 with a partner in the hall. You can read to each other OR read silently to yourself.
  7. When you return to the classroom, we will discuss the following questions:
    1. How has Saul changed from when he first arrived at the school to page 92? Find evidence to back up your opinion.
    2. Describe what happened to Saul when he played with the “town” Midget team.
  8. HOmework: Read to page 107. How would you characterize Fred Kelly? Virgil Kelly? What words would you use to describe their traits?

Friday- Read and Write

Due by Monday!!!

  1. Read to page 77. Pay attention to the imagery, the characters, the details. We will discuss chapter 18-20 at the beginning of class
  2. Finish paragraph- printed by Monday. Here is an example of what it should look like: Imagery Paragraph example-

We will read to page 77 and discuss answers to our inquiry questions based on evidence from the book.

  • What are the effects of racism on a person/culture?
  • How does one build resiliency?
  • What is homelessness and how do people get there?
  • What is the relationship between the land and the First Peoples of Canada?
  • What is the legacy of the Residential Schools on the First Peoples of Canada?
  • Ice hockey is considered Canada’s national sport. How did it impact the First Nation’s people?

Imagery paragraph. Work on this in class. Due MONDAY in hard copy. Print from the library or home. I will show you how to format it.

Assessment will be:

  • Understanding the impact and purpose of imagery in relation to the story.
  • Mechanics and grammar are correct (commas, capitals, etc)