Thursday- Imagery paragraph + reading

  1. In summary- due tomorrow: characterization questions on OneNote, 
  2. You have 20 minutes to finish the comprehension questions for the past 10 chapters AND fill in the characterization chart for all the characters EXCEPT Father Leboutilier. Be sure these are all in YOUR Notebook, not the collaboration space.
  3. Read chapter 11-14
  4.  Imagery paragraph: you are to write a paragraph about ONE quote. This is on OneNote under “assignments to copy”. Imagery Question-
  5. Example:Everything I knew vanished behind me with an audible swish, like the sound  a moose makes disappearing into spruce,” (Wagamese, 43).In this quote, Wagamese is describing how Saul feels as he arrives at the residential school. Because he is writing this story as a flashback to his life, he is foreshadowing that his family and his culture will disappear because of his experiences at the school. I think the use of the onomatopoeia “swish” makes the image stand out because the sound is really how a moose may sound as it disappears into the forest. As I have a Western heritage, I would have thought the “swish” of a curtain would fit this image of his life changing in one quick event. However, because Wagamese is Ojibway, I wonder if he uses the images  of nature, of the Canadian landscape, to reinforce his connection to the land. He chooses the simile “…like a moose disappearing into spruce” which creates an image of a  beautiful, wild animal disappearing into the Canadian forest, just like his beautiful, wild life has disappeared too.