Wednesday- Read and comprehend


  1. Figurative Devices Hunt: There are many examples of similes, alliteration, metaphor and personification. Each person in your group is responsible for picking one device and hunt for it in chapter 10. Record in the comprehension questions

Food for thought: Consider WHY the author is  including this comparison (metaphor or simile). Are they comparing the river to a snake simply to show its movement, or is there a deeper meaning about the water being dangerous or unpredictable? Remember, comparisons should only be made if they further the reader’s understanding of the setting.

  1. Read to the end of chapter 10
  2. Do the comprehension questions for chapter 9-10, including the figurative device hunt

Metaphor: comparing two things not using like or as

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Metaphor Examples for Students

Simile: comparing two things using like or as


Personification: using human qualities to describe non-human things

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Image result for personification

Alliteration: the repetition of the initial sound

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