Monday- Welcome Back!

  1. A source that answers your question. Over the holidays, you were to listen to the news or watch a movie or read a book that explores your inquiry question. In OneNote, record the title and summarize how your source answers the question. Write as much as you can with details. Be sure it ANSWERS THE QUESTION.
  2. Review chapter 1-4 by doing the comprehension questions in OneNote. Copy and paste from the “Content Library” into your “pages”.
  3. We will read to chapter…..

Friday- Presentations and Read!

  1. Presentations to your group
  2. Read to then end of chapter 4 by the first day back.
  3. Homework for the holidays! Read a book, listen to a song, watch a movie, listen to the news…. try to find a source that answers your inquiry question. When we return on the Monday, we will spend the first 15 minutes taking notes on a source of your choosing that explores your question.

Happy Spring Break everyone!