Wednesday- Misplaced Modifiers + Notes

  1. Misplaced Modifiers: No Red Ink assignment. Due tomorrow
  2. Notes for your Inquiry Organizer. Here are two non-fiction pieces that touch on “fake news” and “censorship”. Read the one on Fake News and record quotes and notes that answer the inquiry question. I will show you how in class.
    1. Censorship
    2. Fake News
  3. On Thursday, you will do the “Censorship” article (or the article about civil disobedience) on your own.
  4. For Monday- you are to find ONE more article about ONE of the questions. It can be on fake news, censorship or civil disobedience.
    1. You are to insert link into your organizer and do a citation
    2. Record the notes in your organizer.