Your Money Matters – Create A Budget

Most of my spending are needs, except for entertainments, food outside of home, and some clothing. I think that the reason that these are my main expenses on wants is because most of the money I earn is meant to be for my own wants, not really for my needs. My parents still buy most of my needs, so my money is left for my wants. I know I can cut some of my wants just to get some more savings, but most of them are pretty balanced, except for maybe my entertainement, which I know I can definetly cut a little. That would not free up that much money for my short-term goals, since that will not be a lot of money, but as for my long-term goals, it is possible that those savings might pile up a little and help me.


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Data Analysis Thoughts Day 2

Here are the two links for the websites:

Site 1:

This was the site about fake Facebook accounts.

In my opinion, these people are misleading others by making them believe they are someone that they aren’t. I get using a stock picture without an actual person in it as a contact picture, for example like a picture of an ocean, or a picture of a forest. However, using pictures of people is different, because if you communicate with others over social media, they will believe that you look like your picture. Not only that, but if you use a fake name that someone else might have, you might be misleading someone who think they are talking to a person they now when it is actually only a fake person with a fake name. I suppose that this isn’t as big of a deal, as long as what you do with the account isn’t dangerous. In my opinion, simply commenting on a post is fine, as long as the comment doesn’t have any personal things or a comment provoking conflict. The people in the article did go a little too far with their commenting, so that is why they are asked to be stopped, but I believe that using a picture of scenery or a picture of an animal is fine on social media, as long, as people know who you are.

Using someone else’s picture can be considered as a misleading statistic, since the picture is not you, so it can be misleading to the person trying to communicate with a person who they think is you. Also, it is a misleading statistic because if you use someone else’s name as yours, it can be misleading as others will think that the fake name is your real name, and so they will misinterpret your actual name.

Site 2:

This was the site about fake “Missing People” on social media.

I think this site’s information was even worse than the one on the first site, as it had information that could potentially cause some drastic actions. I think that if someone found this on social media, it would be hard for them not to believe that is was fake, and so they would go into a panic trying to find a person that wasn’t really missing at all or didn’t exist. In my opinion, posting things like this is really dangerous, as someone might try to call the police, and the police would waste their time trying to help the person who posted on social media that their “little brother” is gone, instead of helping people fight real crimes. Another reason why this is a terrible idea is because if the person that posted something like this on social media used a picture found online, it is possible that the person in the picture could be potentially found, and really confused and scared about the whole thing.

This is an example of a really bad misleading statistic, since it can be really easily misinterpreted, and also because it can easily involve other people that really should not be involved, which is dangerous and not a good thing at all.

Data Analysis Thoughts

Before reading the article: (Click here to read the article)

  1. Explain what role you think statistics have in our society

I think statistics are really important, as long as they are correct. Statistics usually demonstrate the opinions of people, and the reason that this is so important is that society does not work if the people are not happy. If the people are asked more, and more statistics are done on them, there are more ways to find out what the problems with society are and it becomes much easier to actually be able to fix the problems in society. Statistics can also often show others what is better to do considered by many others, so that one can make better choices, as long as the statistics are based on different people’s opinions.

After reading the article:

After reading the article, I learned that misleading statistics can do huge changes. I didn’t really think about how the advertisement of something can have a huge difference in profit depending on what statistics are used in the advertisement for a product. I also learned that the percentages shown as statistics can be drastically misleading because they can often look better than the actual numbers themselves. Another thing that was new to me was that if the statistics are incorrect, the changes and the problems they can cause can be completely different from if they were correct. Mostly, after reading this article, I realized that there are many moments when the statistics could be incorrect, so it is crucial that they are checked beforehand and that they are referred to many times.

Digital Footprint

1 ) How might your Digital Footprint affect your future opportunities?

Personally, I was thinking about being an optometrist or being in a part of optometry. For that, I will require some knowledge of technology. For example, for recording information, about a patient or a worker, I will need to use a program that can record and store data on my computer because nowadays paperwork is no longer being trusted to confide personal information. I believe that if I will start a company,  or perhaps join a company, I will be able to tell my patients that I am advanced with technology, they can look me up online, find how I have used technology so far, and trust the fact that I can keep their information that they have given me in absolute secrecy.

Before I go into optometry, I must first go to an university and later on a school of optometry. Before I can go into either of them, I need to know that any of the people that are thinking of letting me learn there can and probably will check what I have done on the Internet so far. If there is anything in my status that will concern them, I might not get in and never be able to get into optometry. This is why I need to keep my digital footprint clean so that it will never haunt me later on.

2 ) Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

I try and keep my commenting on social media and other sources very appropriate and easy to understand. I am aware of the dangers that come with rude or inappropriate commenting, so I verify my commenting each time I post it. It is really hard to not say something you really want to say to person, but usually, it is a personal thing and if it something that needs to be said, it is better to tell the person face-to-face.

In Grade 8, we learned all about how to check if a website is secure or not. There are a lot of signs and they are not that hard to follow. If I check which websites it is I am using, then it is so much easier to not get distracted  by ads or unnecessary information. I know by experience that sometimes, even if it is accidental, if you click on ad it might keep spamming you forever and remember the information that you clicked on that ad. That ad might even show up sometimes if you ever Google yourself, and it really shouldn’t be.

Another way to keep a Digital Footprint nice and clean is by deleting all previous accounts you don’t need. Even if they appear in the “deleted” part of the search if someone is looking you up, it won’t be the first thing that shows up and it also sends a signal that it is something you don’t need and use so it probably isn’t updated or used frequently. It does stay as a part of you digital footprint, but it makes you look more organized because you don’t keep old accounts you don’t use or need anymore.

3 ) What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I knew that the Internet would track me forever. I did not know that it can also track your location and find deleted things. Also, I did not know that It also keeps your baby photos and baby information. In class, we watched a video Image result for digital footprintabout and example boy whose name was Andy and the video told us all about what was a part of Andy’s digital footprint. It was interesting to see an example of what an average person’s digital footprint looks like. If I were a teacher, and I was to teach other kids about digital footprints, I would use a similar video, however in this one I would show what happens if you don’t keep your digital footprint clean and appropriate. A negativity way helps me remember things, and it can also can scare me and make me do things the right way.



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