English 9 Honours Poetry Project

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Waiting for the snowstorm to end

By Fanny Barakaeva

Some do not fear it,

While to others it is their greatest fear


It slowly covers the earth in a blanket,

A blanket of irrational destruction


The snowstorm puts the juice of a flower over our eyelids

It suffocates all that is alive underneath it completely.


It makes us slowly fall in

Fall  into the world that slowly is dying


Yet we do not care, as our eyes are blinded

And we believe that everything will be fine


That someone else will do our bidding

And shovel our sidewalks for us.


So stop making phone calls to god

And begging for the storm to stop


The storm will not stop unless we all

Gather together and fight it off


We must gather together to show it

That we are not afraid, that we can survive


The cold is nothing to the power we have.


By Fanny Barakaeva


This poem demonstrates that in order to create change, we must start it ourselves. The entire poem is a metaphor itself, since the author compares a snowstorm to the world, describing the storm as if it is the world that is suffering. There are two main inquiry questions that refer to this poem, which are “Why do some people not embrace change?” and “What makes people decide to trust others?” since the poem mentions that a lot of people leave the destructing world to someone else, hoping they will fix it, hoping they will “shovel their sidewalks” for them, since they themselves are afraid to do anything about it. One allusion in this poem is about “the juice from the flower” from Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, since the flower in the play made people believe and love something they truly didn’t, and in the poem, it is mentioned that a lot of people force themselves to believe that the world is fine and does not require a change. Another allusion in this poem is the phone call to god from Dead Poet’s Society, since in poem, the phone call is a symbol for an irrational hope or thought, even though deep inside the one who makes the call knows that what they hope for will never happen, as it was the same in the movie. Lastly, the picture is symbolic, since the snow, which is a metaphor for destruction, covers the entire earth, leaving not a single piece of land underneath it, which symbolizes that the earth is buried with the fact that no one ever tried to stop this from happening. Everyone just waited for the storm to be over.




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Society can only work when we are all forgiving (Blog log #2)

For this Blog Log, I chose another This I Believe Essays. Click here to read the essay.

What interested me in this essay was that it was all about forgiveness. The author had to deal with someone who had changed her life forever, but she found it in her heart to be able to forgive them. The choice of words that the author used was so inspiring that it made me really think about how some people in this world do make mistakes, and it is so much better to forgive them instead of hating them forever. The author used the words “the true value of life” to illustrate her essay which I think was really what sparked my attention to this essay, because it is really important to be able to move on from events that have happened in the past to have a happier life. In relation to the human condition, I believe it is important to forgive others for mistakes that they have made in the past in order to be able to stay a good society.


The Veldt Summative Assignment

How to ignore your parents

Do you wish there was a way to get rid of your parents?

Are you tired of their laws that you never knew?

Well, then here is a solution that we offer to you,


You must beg your parents to buy you an iPhone,

That you will only need to call them sometimes,

That you will only use it during alone time,


But aren’t those more rules that you must follow?

But aren’t those more rules that you must swallow?

But won’t you wish that those rules don’t exist?


Then why would you want to have a tool

That perhaps makes you look more cool

And separates you from your parents?


Not only that, it distracts you from life

It cuts your family with a knife

A screen is now a much better friend


Your parents are no longer those that raise you

Your parents are now those that praise you

Your parents no longer know who you are


All the sunlight in your home disappears

The only pure light that keeps shining bright

Is the one coming from all the screens


Why communicate when you can text?

Why exercise when you can pretend to play sports?

Why love when you can ignore?


Loving your parents takes too much effort,

How can they be more important than Xbox?

You don’t have time to come out and say hi,

You’re too busy playing Sky High!


Your parents can finally take a break

Because the ingredient to a bad family cake

Is very quite simple, for heaven’s sake!


Your children will no longer need attention and love

Your children will no longer yell and roam,

Only zombies and ghosts will remain in the home.


Pennies From Heaven (Blog Log #1)

For this assignment, I took one of the “This I Believe Essays” called Pennies from Heaven, click here to read the essay.

I really enjoy reading stories about people that have died but are still in the minds of their loved ones. When I saw the words “Someone told me angels leave pennies to remind you they are with you.” (paragraph 10) in this essay, I instantly wanted to read it and see what the author meant when he illustrated that. I noticed that he addressed the pennies almost as if they were people, and he never called them just pennies, he would always find another way to describe them. It was as if each and every penny was special to him. This essay reminded me about a television show I used to watch when I was younger. The show was about teaching younger kids how to understand what death really is. In the show, there was a man that said that even if someone that we love dearly has died, it does not mean that they are not here with us and that there is no way we can communicate with them. If we keep them in our hearts and minds, they will always be with us. For me, the author expressed his connection with his former wife in an exceptional way, and it gives off the feeling that his wife is still with him, even if she is in heaven.

Grammar Video Project – Oxford comma, Parallel Structures, Semi Colon vs Colon

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Question 1: When should we not use a comma

  1. A) In a list
  2. B) After a conjunction
  3. C) During a zombie apocalypse
  4. D) Before a conjunction

Question 2: In this sentence where should the zombie put a comma?

Sentence: The zombie was crazy and fast because he was gifted with long legs.

  1. A) The zombie,
  2. B) he was,
  3. C) because,
  4. D) You don’t need a comma

Question 3: Yes or No, is this a parallel structure?

Sentence: My grandma makes the best blueberry, cherry, and raspberry pies.



Question 4:  Yes or No, is this a parallel structure?
Sentence: I like to eat, read, and sleeping



Question 5: Should we add a colon or a semi-colon?

Sentence: These are the rules we must follow in a science lab no eating, no drinking, and no horseplay.




Answers: 1 – B, 2 – D, 3 – Yes, 4 – No, 5 – Colon