Studio Arts 11 Portfolio

Click here to view my portfolio of all of the projects I have done in this class (it is a Powerpoint)

Artist’s Statement

1) What do you try to do as an artist?

As an artist, as much as I like sticking to techniques I know well to make my projects look great, I love learning new techniques that help me not only improve as an artist in general, but also help me find a new way to do my art, which is often an even better technique than what I was using before. I try to keep practicing the new techniques, even if they are difficult or not my favourite, because I know that if I keep trying to use the technique, my art will look so much better and professional.

2) What is art to you?

As cliché as it is, art is a way of expressing myself. It’s a way for me to drain the outside world off and just focus on creating shapes on paper with my own hands. It’s a type of way for me to remember, as often when a big event in my life occurs, either good or bad, I like to draw a picture of it to remember, either the good times, or to learn a lesson from the bad.

3) What is the responsibility of an artist?

I think the main responsibility of an artist is deciding what art means for them. I know that what art is for me is so much different from another artist’s point of view, so I need to remember that I can’t judge anybody’s art, including my own, because since everyone is different, so is their art.

4) What are your future plans as an artist?

In pure honesty, I don’t have any plans. The reason is, I create art when I want to. My only plan is to keep drawing if I’m feeling stressed, because I know it helps me calm down a lot, but other than that, I plan on going with the flow and drawing whatever I wish whenever I wish.


1) Reflect on which assignment you found most successful and why?

I don’t rate my artwork as successful or not successful, because I think every piece should be considered successful. I do, however, know how much work I put into each piece, and the more work and effort I put into a piece, the more proud I am of that piece. Therefore, the art project I am most proud about is either my folder or the hands assignment. The folder I created at the beginning of class I am very proud of, because it took me a long time, possibly the longest out of any of the projects (which is funny, considering that it was supposed to be a quick and easy one), because I was really trying to remember all the lessons I’ve learnt from last year’s art class and apply it to the folder, such as taking my time, and using a small paintbrush to really get good details. The hand project I am proud of as well, because I was really happy that I got to work on a canvas, and because it took me a really long time to create. I also got to use acrylic paints on that art project, which is my favourite medium.

2) Which assignment was least successful and why?

I wouldn’t say it wasn’t successful, but I think the trees project was the hardest for me. Trees have always been hard for me, and I’m really proud that I was able to see through those negative thoughts and still try to create beautiful trees. I created a simple art piece, simply using a sharpie, but I think that was the smart way to go, since sometimes simple is so much prettier and appealing than a confusing mess of too many details.

3) Any final thoughts?

I really enjoyed this course, even though half of it was online, mostly because it was a class I would look forward to every day, because I think that even if I’m not a master, drawing is one of my biggest passions that I love to do.

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