The “Efficient” Light Machine – A Rube Goldberg Machine


Steps of the machine

  1. Medium ball #1 is placed at the top of the inclined plane
  2. Medium ball #1 rolls down the inclined plane
  3. Medium ball #1 crashes into the piece of cardboard in between medium ball #1 and #2
  4. Medium ball #2 starts rolling down the inclined plane
  5. Medium ball #2 falls into the bucket
  6. The bucket get dropped down by the pulley
  7. The bucket knocks over domino #1
  8. Domino #1 starts a chain reaction with the other dominoes, causing them to fall over one at a time
  9. The last domino pushes the toy car
  10. The toy car rides down the inclined plane
  11. The toy car pushes the fidget spinner (wheel and axle)
  12. The fidget spinner releases small ball #1
  13. Small ball #1 falls into the tube with the jump wire connectors
  14. The jump wire connectors receive energy from the batteries in the circuit
  15. The jump wires connectors send an electric charge through the jump wires
  16. The electric charge turns the light on

Simple Machines used:

  1. Inclined plane
  2. Wheel and Axle
  3. Pulley

Energy Transfers:

  1. When Medium Ball #1 is at the top of the inclined plane, it has gravitational potential energy.
  2. When Medium Ball #1 starts rolling, the gravitational potential energy is transformed into mechanical energy, causing the ball to move.
  3. When Medium Ball #1 crashes into Medium Ball #2, Medium Ball #1 transfers the mechanical energy to Medium Ball #2, and Medium Ball #2 starts rolling.
  4. Medium Ball #2 falls into the pulley because of gravitational energy.
  5. When the pulley starts moving, the gravitational energy is transformed into mechanical energy.
  6. The mechanical energy is transferred to the first domino when the pulley touches it.
  7. The dominoes tip over one by one due to mechanical energy.
  8. The last domino transfers the mechanical energy to the toy car.
  9. When the toy car rests at the top of the inclined plane, it has gravitational energy.
  10. When the toy car starts moving, the gravitational energy is transformed into mechanical energy.
  11. When the toy car crashes into the fidget spinner, the toy car transfers its mechanical energy to the fidget spinner.
  12. The fidget spinner moves because of mechanical energy.
  13. The fidget spinner releases Small Ball #1, which, when it is at rest, has gravitational energy.
  14. The ball falls, transforming the gravitational energy into mechanical energy.
  15. When the ball rolls down the inclined plane, it continues to use mechanical energy.
  16. During the time when the ball is not touching the jump wire connectors, the batteries have chemical energy.
  17. When Small Ball #1 touches the jump wire connectors, the chemical energy in the batteries is transformed into electrical energy.
  18. The electrical energy flows through the wires in the circuit.
  19. When the electrical energy reaches the light, the light turns the electrical energy into light energymaking it light up.

Final Design:


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