Data Analysis Thoughts

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  1. Explain what role you think statistics have in our society

I think statistics are really important, as long as they are correct. Statistics usually demonstrate the opinions of people, and the reason that this is so important is that society does not work if the people are not happy. If the people are asked more, and more statistics are done on them, there are more ways to find out what the problems with society are and it becomes much easier to actually be able to fix the problems in society. Statistics can also often show others what is better to do considered by many others, so that one can make better choices, as long as the statistics are based on different people’s opinions.

After reading the article:

After reading the article, I learned that misleading statistics can do huge changes. I didn’t really think about how the advertisement of something can have a huge difference in profit depending on what statistics are used in the advertisement for a product. I also learned that the percentages shown as statistics can be drastically misleading because they can often look better than the actual numbers themselves. Another thing that was new to me was that if the statistics are incorrect, the changes and the problems they can cause can be completely different from if they were correct. Mostly, after reading this article, I realized that there are many moments when the statistics could be incorrect, so it is crucial that they are checked beforehand and that they are referred to many times.

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