Community Connection Assignment

Who I interviewed:

I interviewed my former art teacher, Mr. Drysdale, who teaches at Riverside Secondary.

Why I chose to interview Mr. Drysdale

One of the very first classes I had in high school was art with Mr. Drysdale. I was really nervous because I thought that everyone else would be better than me at art. However, Mr. Drysdale taught me that everyone has their own style of art that they are talented in and that I should be proud of my art pieces even if they aren’t the best. I really enjoyed having him as my teacher for art, and I love art and teaching it, so I thought that the best person to interview for this assignment would be Mr. Drysdale. I believe being an art teacher would be something that I would be passionate about if I had to choose my dream job.

How the class works

In general, what happens in an Art 9 class is that everyone is first taught a unit, for example drawing landscapes, portraits, cubes, etc. Then, Mr. Drysdale shows a demonstration of the style to everyone and makes sure that everyone understands the unit. When everyone understands, we begin working on our projects that demonstrate our understanding of those units, usually beginning with drafts and then good copies. Once we are done with the unit, we move on to the next one.


Above are examples of some of the units that we did in Mr. Drysdale’s class. From left to right, the units are: Creating folders with our names in complementary colours, creating portraits with correct proportions, writing words using one-point perspective, and drawing fruits in contour.

The Interview

Here are some of the questions that I asked during the interview that really stood out for me:

  • Why are you passionate about your job?

Before he was an art teacher, he was into animations, and that was his job for most of his life. After his job with animations, he decided to become an art teacher, and what helped get him a job was his skill in art. He said that he is very passionate about his job because he was in the animation industry, and so he has had a lot of experience in art.

  • What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today?

There has always been a lot of people wanting to be a teacher, and so Mr. Drysdale said that it was really hard to get a job that he wanted. Also, nowadays, younger teachers are being given a job since they need experience and they sometimes have an education that is more modern, and so they are able to teach more modern things. Mr. Drysdale was in the animation industry for quite long, so when he applied to be an art teacher, he was already quite old, and even though he had experience, it was harder for him to beat all of the younger teachers wanting the same job.

  • What advice would pass on to someone that is interested in being an art teacher?

The most important advice that Mr. Drysdale gave me was that you really need to have a passion for art. This means that you can’t just suddenly decide to become an art teacher when you are graduating from university. You have to have had a passion for it at least since high school because you need to develop a range of different styles and ways of art. This also means that someone that is interested in becoming an art teacher has to not only like to teach it, but also be skilled in it. Often, in an art class, there are a few kids that are very good at drawing, and they do not need demonstrations done by the teacher. However, there are often a lot of kids who only specialize at one specific thing in art, and so if the teacher is trying to teach a new style, the kids are lost and so they need a demonstration by the teacher. The teacher has to be able to do demonstrations in class and be able to help kids with their artwork if they are stuck or don’t know how to start. These reasons are why the teacher

  • Did you see yourself being an art teacher when you were in high school?

When he was in high school, Mr. Drysdale took some art classes and was very involved in them. He was already quite skilled in art, and so he realized that he could possibly have a career involving art, but he never really saw himself as an art teacher, he saw himself as being a person more into animations. It was only later when he was working with animations that he decided to become an art teacher.

How does this interview open up more opportunities for me?

What I learned from this interview was really to just follow your passion. Mr. Drysdale never even thought that engineers or lawyers make more money than him, all he wanted to do was just follow his dreams and use his skills in his job so that going to wor would not be a drag for him, it would be a reason to be happy and something that he would look forward to every day. Personally, I never thought about what occupation I wish to have when I am older, because whenever I start thinking about it, I just get bored and I realize that none of these jobs are good for me. I  need a job that I am passionate about, and so perhaps I could even become an art teacher. I love art, and I believe that I am very passionate about it, so there is a chance that being an art teacher might just be the perfect job for me.

If Mr. Drysdale is needed to be contacted with, his email is

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  1. Thank you for submitting your Community Connection assignment for COL. We have reviewed your Edublog post, and have the following observations regarding your work:

    – Great job interviewing someone and seeking out information regarding their expertise
    – Way to incorporate your answers on your edublog

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol and Mr. Robinson
    COL Teachers

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