Inquiry Question Topic – Dioxins in Dairy Farms

My Inquiry Question topic is Dioxins in Dairy Farms.

Here is my link to the Prezi that I have created.

Click Here

Here are the questions that were assigned by the Info Fluency assignment.

What questions did you need to research?

Mostly, I needed to research what dioxins were being used for and what people thought of them. Using this information, I was able to complete my Prezi.

What digital tools did you use?

I used Prezi, to show all of my understanding of my subject on the presentation format, and I used Pixabay to find creative images. To research, I mostly searched it up online and I asked my parents and some students from the school what their opinions were on dioxins. Most of them did not know much, so I would chat with them asking how much they did know.

What was the process used?

I would first find some online searches that were trustworthy and I would read through articles or facts. Then, when I would have a basic understanding of the question, I would answer it in my own words and opinions based on the information that I found. Also, at the end I looked at possible images that were not copyrighted to see which ones would best match my project.

How did you verify the site information?

Last year, i was taught to check some of the formatting of most sites (such as “https” and not “http”). All of the sites I used were secure, because I usually looked at the ones that were the most looked at, then I would check the sites, and I would know whether or not it was secure. For my images, I used Pixabay, which finds non-copyrighted images.

What could you have done better?

The only thing I would change would be my time management, as I could have spread this project throughout my week more instead of just doing it in a couple of days. Other than that, the assignment went very well.

Also, here are the answers to the questions that were assigned by my science teacher:

  • What format of sharing do you want to use?

I want to make a Prezi. On it, I will use Pixabay for pics and some google searches for research.

  • What should be in the sharing?

My idea is that I will include all of the research and interesting facts that I find. I also want to include all effects of it onto other things.

  • How big should the sharing be?

I don’t want to make mine too long, but I want to make sure it has all the necessary information.

  • What in the sharing is worth the big marks?

The quality of the information shared.

  • What should not be included?

The quantity of the information shared.

  • How should it be compared to?

If it is understandable and easy to follow along.

  • What should it be out of?
  • It should be out of /15

One thought on “Inquiry Question Topic – Dioxins in Dairy Farms

  1. It was great learning about dioxins from you. What a relevant study that has serious implications. So where are we at today with dioxins? Are they outlawed in Canada? Are dairy farms still trying to sneak them in? Is there something that your readers should be doing to stop further harm?

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