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We read two articles, and we had to right down a reflection on them

Manchester Arena: 2 rules to sort truth from fiction in an attack’s confusing aftermath

For the first article, it shows us how people will try and create a fake social media account to influence our thinking. They will try and scam you out of your money for personal gain. They do not care about how people feel and will use even very tragic things from themselves.

SMART Goals Reflection

  1. What was your goal?

My goal was to take 5 minute showers

  1. Did you achieve it? How or how not?

To achieve it I took note of the time before getting in. After I shortened the amount of time I spent rinsing the soap off because before it took me way too long. I made sure that I spend as little time as possible in the shower.

3. What was the most challenging part of achieving your goal?

The most challenging part was making sure I clean myself properly. 5 minutes isn’t very long, so I had to make sure I can get everything done. After the first few times it got easier.

4. What would you do differently next time?

What I would do next time is have a clock inside the bathroom to make it easier to keep track of time to have an accurate reading of how much time I spend inside the shower.

5. Will you continue on with this type of goal? If you do, explain what you will do. If not, explain why you are satisfied with where you are at.

I will continue with the goal. It doesn’t seem too hard now and it will help with the environment.

Hubbard 2019 Data Analysis Thoughts

Statistics seem like a big way to trick people. Only bias results are shown, making people think certain ways. The statistics need to be taken by an equal amount of people of different culture, beliefs and gender, because different people think differently. They also need to be worded so it doesn’t seem like there’s a right answer. So they are just a big trickery.

After reading Misleading Statistics I found out that often statistics can be good. They can help if they are written correctly, but most of them are worded badly and not thought out, so they are no good