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Desmos Project

In this project I had to recreate an image using the graphs of different equations studied.

Link to Desmos

During the project I had to figure out which type of equation would work best. I knew the shape of each type of graph so I had a general idea of which equation I could use for different parts of the image. There were times when the graph would be close to matching the image, but would still be slightly off, in these cases there was usually another equation which had a similar shape, but that would fit better. For example the Tan graph and a cubic graph are quite similar, yet in some occasions one would work better then the other. Once I chose the correct graph I had to transform it to make it fit, often this required some trial and error to get it to fit in. There were sometimes when I got stuck, but I realized that then it was best to find a completely different graph to use, and sometimes the best solution was to use multiple graphs because just one couldn’t make the required shape.

This assignment helped better understand transformations. As I got into the later stages of the project, I was able to better determine the effects of different transformation and which ones to use. I also saw how sometimes two different transformations had similar results, for example with parabolas stretches along the x-axis have a similar result with stretches along the y-axis.