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Flag Pole Lab Math 10 2019

In this lab we had to measure the height of the flag pole in front of the school using trigonometry.

We used a clinomater to measure the angle from our eye height to the top of the flag pole. We got 43°.

After we measured the distance from which we stood from the pole using a trundle wheel. We got 8.67 m.

We had to use tangent to and add the height from the ground to your eyes and add it to the height. We got that the flag pole is 9.72 m.

After completing the lab we compared our answer with other groups and the answers where varied by ± 1 m. We believe that this is because the instruments we used weren’t the most accurate and neither where some of the measurements.

Infinite Thoughts

  1. What do you know about infinity?

Infinity means never ending, something that is infinite goes on forever. There are infinite numbers, they just keep going on and on.

  1. How can you explain/makes sense of different sizes of infinity?

Even though an infinity has a never-ending number of numbers they have different sizes. The group of natural and whole numbers have an infinite amount of numbers, but the group of whole numbers is bigger since it has 0 and natural numbers don’t. Similarly, integers are double the size of whole numbers since it contains the opposite of each number, they are both infinities, but one is double the size.

  1. What are countable infinities? What are non-countable infinities?

A countable infinity can be counted, like the whole numbers. You can count 0, 1, 2, 3, 4…. If you wanted, you could keep going on forever. Counting all the decimals would not be countable, you would never reach one since there are infinite decimal places.