Lit Circles Theme Park Project

In the project I created the rides for theme park. The rides I made are all directly based off events that happen in the book. The first ride is Project Mayhem’s Strike which is based off the beginning and end parts of the book where Project Mayhem is about to blow up a building. In the book the building doesn’t actually blow up, but in the ride, it simulates an explosion. The second ride is The Mechanic’s Ride, it is meant to put you into the perspective of the protagonist when he is in the car with the mechanic who is on purpose about driving strait towards cars and avoiding them at the last moment. The last ride is The Flight. This ride is also meant to put you in the protagonist’s perspective of when he is travelling across the country and he falls asleep and then suddenly wakes up in the airport. This project helped me understand the book because it made me look at it from another perspective. Instead of just understanding the book through the perspective of a reader I had to dig into different moments of the book and construct new ideas based off events of the book and use my creativity a lot more then a normal reader.

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