PE9 Substance Abuse Role Play

This is our PE9 role play to help you resist when your friends ask you to do things you shouldn’t

1. What are the influences involved in your role play?

This role play was meant to help you deal with people asking you to do bad things like drugs or alcohol. The influence is meant to be that it is bad and you should always refuse

2. Script

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3. Explain how your conflict/issue was resolved. What skills were used to resolve this conflict/issue?

We used the refuse, delay and negotiation skills. Refuse is to come up with and excuse why you can’t and to say just no. Delay is to say you can do later like in a week. Negotiation is to offer something else to do that doesn’t involve anything bad.

4. How would these skills make the person in the play more resilient?

These skills will help you go against people that want you to do bad things, some of these skills will also help you not offend anyone and often make the situation better for everyone. This helps you avoid bad situations and will greatly help you.

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