A Fresh Look at the Periodic Table

Define and discover

We restated our task as: Reorganize the periodic table in a different way that will still show the same patterns.

Some of the questions we asked to help us achieve our goal are:

What are the patterns in the periodic table?

What are other ways the periodic table has been arranged?

What is the bottom part of the periodic table?


What information does the periodic table tell you?

Metals, atomic number, atomic mass, reactivity, families

How could you arrange it differently based on its chemical and physical properties?

You can arrange it by reactivity

What different shapes could be used?

Circle, like a character, rainbow, pyramid

How can you use colour?

Families, state of matter



Our periodic table was made so that it will be easier to read. There is no longer a big gap in the middle which can make it  a bit hard to read and the rare metals are now included in the table itself so it doesn’t skip over them. All of the elements are placed in order by atomic number and in columns depending on the number of shells. The two columns the most at the right where split in two because they took up too much space. A line connects them to show that they have the same amount shells. The families are represented by different colours and are at the same part of each column all the time, all noble gases are at the bottom end of their column, all alkali metals are at the top, alkali earth metals are just below them, halogens are in between the noble gases and metal dividing line, Transition metals are at the other end of the metal dividing line and the rare metals are only in the two columns at the right and in the middle of them.  The table is split in two to show metals and non-metals, hydrogen is in the middle as it has properties of both.


One thing that could’ve helped us would of been time, we didn’t have much time, so we had to go with our first best idea. We also had little time to develop a plan and ways to improve our project. One thing is that a few of the elements are sitting alone on the side, so they might be hard to notice. If we had more time we could’ve organized the table in ways to show more patterns.


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