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Don’t know how many bosses would like this answer, it’s under control, it was very good, I don’t have to worry about.
This is a boss to focus on results, as long as the overall trend is good, no big thing, it is a good development. But some, the boss is not the same, “well, what was good?! To talk about your progress? “You might think this is a bad boss, irritated, there are little things, there is no need to report it, I can deal with, you are so busy, but also did not want to disturb you.
Your answer is not the boss wants, the boss of formality you want, you can let go to do it yourself. In fact, everyone expects security nothing unexpected things, we should aim at the culture of the company, boss of the habit, get used to it. Of course, if you’re after a period of time, found himself is really not very helpful, can’t change themselves, so reluctantly is not happy.
If you feel you need someone behind you, then make sure you time and my boss something, inform your own ideas, and then listen to the boss’s opinion, this won’t matter out of time, and then notify the boss who was not prepared. Therefore, prior to when the issue came out, she had to look at each other, think of your company’s culture, the urgency of the matter, and give a satisfactory answer to the other party. That is perfect.

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