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science app I have chosen:

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science app name: science questions and answers



I could use this app to help me study or keep up with my class and help me remember things so I can do better on tests and quizzes.


I can discover how i could use this for outside of science class for example, if I chose to study I can use it to help me make flash cards or something like that.


I can use this in another way by trying and achieving to find a way to use it as much as possible


the design of this app is very organized and helpful for learning and studying science, it is all categorized into different units of science and you can get the answers for each question by clicking on it


I think this is  a good science app because it is very organized there is a lot of units/subjects to chose from and I would definitely recommend this


over all this is a good app for science, it is free to download, and there is good units to chose from. There is a few things that could be better though. For example , there is some random units like dogs and country quizes which dont really apply to science and I just wish they had more questions for each subject/unit.

-shelby carpenter


digital footprint

  1. Having a digital footprint can affect your future a lot.  Depending on how yanimated-light-bulb-gif-29ou use it, it can be really helpful for your dream career, or the total opposite. For example if you wanted to be a chef or artist you can start by blogging or posting things about your cooking, your dream, and career, Or if you wanted to be an artist you can start by blogging about your future, your dream, and your pieces of art and what may have inspired you, just as any othdream_job_exiter career you may want to have. With a digital footprint , you need to remember to be responsible and don’t put things out there like under aged drinking, poor language or anything in that area. if you want to have a good job and future.  you can show off your passion by letting people know and showilarge_9906086451ng how responsible and adoring you are about your dream. By having blogs and starting young and showing what you love to do, can affect the community by letting people know that this is what you want to do and let people see and support you. If the community or even further than that sees what you like to do just from blogging about it, they will help maintain and get you or your passion seen all over the place. It can also be awesome for any first jobs that can help you get started with your career.


a .To help keep your digital footprint safe and appropriate, you can start off by using it to  show what         lockyou love and keeping it safe by not doing or showing things you wouldn’t want anyone to see foot            for example; a future boss, employee, grandparent etc

b. Also if you don’t want to be seen but you want your dream to be, you can             achieve that still , by sharing things you’ve created or by simply not showing         your face.

c. when I googled myself i did not find anything about me, but if you expect to find things about you on it, make sure to keep it appropriate and safe, or make                            sure it could possibly help you out in the future.


  1. I think I learned from this to just remember to keep putting out there what you love, what you want to do and what you think will help your future career a lot if they see how passionate you are about something. Remember to keep it safe, helpful for the future and appropriate and not anything that might not get you into what you want to do.lesson