Foods 11 reflection

September reflection

In foods 11, in September one of my favourite things we made where the cream puffs because it was super fun and easy, and they also tasted really good. It was really fun to make them because filling it was fun and drizzling the chocolate was easier then I thought and it tasted really good. I would really like to make them another time on my own time and maybe try filling them with other things and drizzling other things on top, like Nutella, vanilla cream, strawberry, or white chocolate. One other thing I also really liked was the angel food cake. I always thought it was super hard to make but it wasn’t too difficult and it tasted really good too, especially with the strawberries on top. I think it would also be a good touch to add confetti sprinkles into the batter and make confetti angel food cake. On the other side, one of my least favourite things where the muffins because of the raisins and walnuts, other wise I liked everything we made and I plan to make some at home too.

How can one make an impact on the world?

How can one make an impact on the world?

One person making an impact on the world could be seen as difficult; however, the book I am Malala, written by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb, proves that no matter who you are, you can make a big difference in the long run and make a change world wide. On Tuesday October 9th 2012, fifteen year old Malala Yousafzai was sitting on the bus where she was heading home from school. A man boards asking for Malala. She remained silent. Her identity was given away when she wasn’t wearing her burqa and before she knew it, she was at gun point by Taliban in Pakistan and fighting to survive to carry on her education. Ever since this day Malala has been doing all she can to promote women’s rights, and attending events to talk about her story world wide. Humans can make an impact on the world, by changing what may have affected someone negatively and turning it into awareness, more specifically Malala was raising awareness about girls rights to education.


how did the holocaust happen

hitler became leader of the Nazi party. The Nazis believed that their Aryan race was better then others. They thought that Aryan was any one who was European, they wouldn’t be Jewish, Romany, or Slavic. There was laws against the Jews. Hitler became the head of state. He created any laws that discriminated towards and against the Jewish people in around where he was. Laws put a lot of impact on children especially. All these contributions caused the holocuast.


how did the holocaust impact each persons experience

in each year, each different event impacted something differently. Everything that was around them at the time makes them view the holocaust in a different perspective. In each year of the holocaust, for example the timeline activity, if they were in a different time or place they would have a different view on how they were treated or acted towards the situation.

Ideology – conservatism

Something i learned about my ideaology is that we are very specific to what we like, we dont like to “bargain” because we think our ways are the best, and we think what conservatism does for people is good because we like to make it possible and equal as much as we can. Some ideas we came up with as a group was for oil industry; we would encourage it because it provides local jobs which is something we feel very strongly about. Something i found interesting about this activity is learning about each ideology in the way of showing what each group would fix themselves from their own point of view, not in a third person. Something I found challenging about this activity is trying to find information for each topic. Although we did overall find a good source to argue for our side, it was difficult to find more then maybe 3 good sources on what we needed in my opinion.