monthly reflection

1- i chose this recipe because I really liked the sauce and how we got to add more spices if we chose to.

2- I enjoyed this lab because it wasnt to complicated to make but it wasnt to easy that we sped through and rushed it, i lked how we learned to make a roux and bechammele.

3- this turned out as hoped because the sauce wasnt to runny or too thick. we added more salt and pepper and i think it helped alot.

4- I think the group worked okay together, in my opinion i think we need to be more inclusive and all work together more

5- if i did this lab again i would add more spices/herbs like oregano , all spice , and maybe a bit more garlic and cheese


salad rolls


1- i enjoyed this lab because it was easy and fast. there wasn’t anything difficult about it and it tasted pretty good.


2- something to make this healthier is to add more veggies and protein.


3- deep frying is bad because of the oil and the oil is a fat so it makes it much more unhealthy. the oil has a hight fat content. there is saturated and trans fat can increase cholesterol