Albinism , science mutation project

Shelby carpenter – grade 9 – albinism – Mr. Campbell

– How does this happen?
– Can it be treated?
– How long do they live?
– Can it happen to animals?
– What kind of mutation is this?
– Does this lead to other skin disease or mutations?
– Where on the body could this occur?

– Albinism happens when a genetic defect makes the body unable to make or give melanin.
– There is no treatment, people with this mutation must take care of there eyes, skin and body as they face the sun since it could be so immune to skin disease
– They have a shorter life span and they are lacking pigment which could lead to skin cancer
– It can happen to animals, just as how it happens to humans
– This kind of mutation occurs in the TYR gene and it is a point/substitution mutation
– Children are born with albinism from and it is passed down from what other type of genes the parents have had
– This occurs in lack of pigment in eyes, skin, and hair.
– This can lead to vision problems

Summarization of albinism
Albinism is a mutation that causes the skin to be lacking pigment as well as the hair and eyes. This is because the body is unable to produce melanin. There isn’t any treatment for albinism, any body who has it just should be cautious of the sunlight, as their skin and eyes could lead to vision defects or skin disease. People who have been diagnosed with albinism may have a shorter life span since they could be more immune to skin disease. This can happen to animals just as it does to humans. This mutation happens in the TYR gene and it is a point/substitution. Children are born with albinism when passed down the genes from the parents.

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