alternative assignment

Alternative assignment                                                                                                                                                                Shelby carpenter


With my future, ahead of me I could see myself doing something in the field I love. The fashion and beauty industry. The job would be so exciting as to show off my creations and makeup on the runways.

I would obtain this job by going to beauty and fashion school.  A school that I could think about is blanche MacDonald beauty school. It is a beauty college in Vancouver that specializes in hair, nails, fashion design, and makeup artistry. Once I go to a college such as blanche MacDonald, I could apply jobs to clothing and cosmetic stores to help boost my career.

Blanche MacDonald beauty school would cost $16,000 for the fashion design program for Canadian students and for a part time makeup artistry program it is $500 plus $180 for the makeup tools and kits.

A day in the life of a beauty student would be commuting to Vancouver to blanche MacDonald, and learning all about the things I love. I would imagine that I would have classes and tutorials with other makeup artists and fashion designers with the same passion as me. I would learn about different textiles, colours and history of makeup, fashion and beauty, The evolution of clothing styles, how trends could change, and how styles could go or come back from different eras.

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