Meiosis Analogy

Meiosis Analogy Video- Jenna, Breanna, Shelby


Establish) What non-negotiables do you have for your group?

Breanna) Act out the analogy.

Jenna) Explain how the stages are related to meiosis.

Shelby) Film the video.


Envision) How do you plan to complete this project as an effective group?

In the past, I didn’t work very well with this group due to the fact that I felt as if I couldn’t speak up and share my ideas. This time, we plan to each have an equal percentage of work in the project. 


Execute) What will you create as a group?

For our meiosis analogy, we plan to create a video with the analogy of two roommates splitting. 


Examine) How did the collaboration go?

For this project, my group and I worked well together and all had an equal percentage of work unlike the last project with this group. With little time we managed to complete the video although we couldn’t complete it all during class. I had some trouble sending our video to Breanna (who posted it on her Edublog) due to poor wifi. In the future, I think we should begin our project a bit earlier to create more time to work on it.