My Personal Thoughts on the Indonesian Earthquake.

Prompt #3

On  September 28th, 2018, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit Indonesia, I  learned about the effects of the earthquake in the city of Palu. What was once a vacation destination turned into a total disaster zone with body bags lining the streets, disease, and no electricity. Initially I did not have many thoughts about the disaster because I could not relate. When I saw pictures of the totally destroyed neighborhoods I came to the realization that we should treat everything we have like its the last day we have them. An earthquake of this magnitude only takes seconds to destroy everything we have, or anybody we love. I had a great sense of gratitude for what I have, I started to feel very sorry for the people of Palu and all of Indonesia who were affected. I feel more personally connected to the victims when I watch interviews with the survivors, the more you get to know them the more you feel for them. I was glad to see how devoted some doctors were to tending to the victims, they gave up time with their own families who may or may not be alive to help total strangers. I felt like I should do something but my mind went blank as I though of what to do. I feel powerless because there is nothing i can realistically do besides donate money which wont make too much of a difference anyways because of the amount of destruction. This disaster made me come to the realization that being financially strong is not the only thing I should be concerned about, which is what we like to think in western society. We need to realize that we cannot control nature to our will and we should respect it more.

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