Triangulation Lab Questions

What went wrong in today’s lab and what could be a solution?

One of the problems is that nobody has the same exact technique of doing the waves so the waves were all inconsistent, as a solution only one person should be recorded for maximum accuracy. When triangulating to find the epicenter not everybody had a straight path to their recorder, this could be fixed by making a clear straight path with a string or something.

In order to find the epicenter of an earthquake we need more than one seismometer, we need at least three. We measure the time the S and P waves hit each seismometer and locate the epicenter referring to the time to the times of the wave hitting each, hence the name triangulation.

Locating the epicenter is important to our society because if we knew where the earthquake would be most powerful we could avoid that area.

we could use the data in an emergency situation to locate the epicenter and avoid it to avoid the most powerful location of the earthquake

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