“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

Sean Hruswicki

English 11

4 October 2017

Mr. Barazzuol


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Alternate Ending


As Walter faces the firing squad he has a mysterious smile on his face, almost as if he was insinuating his escape, the soldiers are confused and look back viciously, and are eager to shoot him. “Hey! Our guns don’t work!”

“they’ve been tampered with!” Said one of the soldiers.

Walter laughs, and pulls the grenade that he was hiding in his pants the entire time, Walter throws the grenade at the confused soldiers. The soldiers in distraught dive for cover and Walter escapes with a huge explosion behind him into the mysterious war torn city that he would have been executed in…

“Walter why did you throw your wallet into the middle of the parking lot?” Asked Walter’s wife.

“Oh my bad, it must have slipped out of my hands,’ said Walter.

“Whatever, we can go home now we’ve done everything we need to do” said Walter’s wife.

on the way back to the car Walter sees a store with some very nice watches. He notices one specific watch that completely stands out from all the others… Walter finds himself standing over a bomb big enough to blow up the entire building and the criminal he detained who planted the bomb near him.

“Tell me the code!” Yelled Walter, trying to sound as intimidating as possible.

“Why would I tell you anything! Either way i’m dead!”, said the insolent criminal.

Walter knew the criminal had a great point, so he knocked out the criminal with a pipe knowing that he would be no use to him if he wanted to defuse the bomb, he would only be false hope, a distraction. Walter had to figure it out himself. Walter with very little knowledge of bomb defusing aside from some action movies, started inspecting the bomb looking for anything that could help him. All he could find were three wires that were all the same color, “hmm, one and three chance? Those are the best odds I’ve had in years,” Walter cut one wire with little to no hesitation and the confidence of a mad man…

“you’ve been looking at that watch pretty intensely” said one of the watch store employees “if you are looking to buy it today there is a 15% discount,” said another employee.

“oh, ummm, no thanks, just looking around” said Walter.

“Are we finally done here?” Said Walter’s wife as he walked out of the watch store.

“oh course honey,” said Walter.

“whew thank god we’re going, nothing interesting has happened today, I need a nap,” said Walter’s wife in a whiny tone.

“of course,” said Walter as he was blankly staring at a very uninteresting puddle.

“Walter you’re making that funny look again, what is going on in your head today?”




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