Safety in The Kitchen

Sean Hruswicki
Mr. Brett
Foods 12, Block 1



When there is a fire you should put it out. In the case of a grease fire you should never pour water on it because it will make a huge fireball going into your face. You must first turn off the heat then remove all oxygen from the flame by pouring baking soda on it or covering it with a baking sheet.


If you are burnt you should immediately run than part of your body under cold water for at least 15 minutes.


Keep all chemicals away from food in order to make sure you are not poisoned by your meal.


To prevent trips, slips and falls you should always have a clean and organized unit. If there is anything on the floor that could be a hazard you should remove it right away.


To prevent being cut you should not run with a knife, never cut really fast when you don’t know how to protect your fingers and you should not throw a knife into a soapy sink in order to protect your dish washer’s fingers

Heavy lifting

Lift heavy objects like a bag of flour with your legs, not your back, or you could be injured.

How to prevent food poisoning

To prevent food poisoning keep all chemicals away from food and your work area. If you are cutting raw chicken on a cutting board the board should be whipped down with bleach and washed thoroughly in order to prevent cross contamination.

Waste management

Always remember to put the correct type of trash in its corresponding bin. For example bananas go in the compost and cardboard boxes go in the recycling.

Personal hygiene

Always wash your hands before touching anything you will use to make food.

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