Mutation Story

I am a mutated gene that can be associated with RAB3GAP. I am a. Mutated gene that usually effects people that are in the same family. I am Micro Syndrome also known as OMIM. Micros syndrome is a negative mutation. The person that has micro syndrome may have learning disabilities and also may have development issues. Development issues is when somebody doesn’t develop properly for example, if they are very short they have a development issue that makes them not grow as much as a normal person, or brain cells don’t develop as good so they aren’t as smart. People born with micro syndrome appear normal but as the person with micro syndrome grows it gets more and more noticeable. There is no treatment to cure this mutation but people can help you learn better in school by giving private lessons. The way micro syndrome may effect somebody’s life is they will have a hard time learning in school which will lead to not very good grades and not very good grades means you will have a hard time getting a job to support yourself. Another way micro syndrome effects somebody’s life is they will look different as they get older so people with it might have a hard time making friends and having friends is one of the most important things in life.


Part II.)

The questions I asked to do my research were: what are the effects of micro syndrome, what causes micro syndrome, and some facts about micro syndrome.

Some familiar digital tools I used to research my mutations were: Google, Wikipedia and an unfamiliar tool I used was a looking in the textbook briefly.

To verify all my information I looked for the same information on multiple sites so I knew it was a reliable source of info.

some challenges I came upon during this project were: some of the info was a little hard to find such as finding out how the mutation happens, another challenge I came across was when I lost my criteria sheet so I had to look for another one.

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