11.4 misleading statistics

This would effect people in a way that people with fake accounts or have fake news, would persuade people into things that are not true. Also sometimes fake accounts might want to target in things you like so they monitor your searches and stuff like that, after they know what you like then they will know whether to bother you or not. all fake accounts have goals in what they are trying to do, some try to make you like something, some make you try to do something, but in the end all they want is your feedback, fake news is almost like someone saying lays is the best chips brand and then posting it on social media after a couple months then you would get lots of feedback which is exactly what the person wants. After seeing fake news it makes you believe them because they are presenting it as if the news is true, so this makes you doubt your thoughts and just go with what the majority of the people want.This is how fake accounts and fake news would affect people.