• I believe statistics are a great way to find out what you need, but people need to understand if you only survey 10 people then you could have had a bunch that are unbalanced where if you did up to maybe 1000 people then it would be a lot more balanced for the results.


  • I learned that statistics are pretty much how we find out what people like and dislike, for example how would we know that people like steak or chicken, how did we find out that is my point most things in life are made up of statistics, is this reliable though, it is to some extent, people have gotten lazy and started to minimize the people who are being asked, so this brings controversy because you do not know if the results are correct.


  • Some problems like i already stated above is that when you start to minimize the people who are being asked you do not know the whole populations idea because if you get the whole results you will have the answer and you will know for sure that it is correct, but like i said when you minimize it you will not get the whole populations idea.

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