Identities paragraph


An inexperienced police officer and a man on the more unfractionated side of town, made assumptions and the worst thing could happen. “identities” by W.D Valgarson is about a man who looks wary looking and an inexperienced cop, who is new to the job, and is nervous to start.  The officer sees the man as a potential thief, the cop fearing the worst the officer tries to stop him by confronting the man.In this short story regrettably, the cop ends up killing the mysterious man. This act of the officer is unjustified; thought, the cop was nervous, there was no reason for this man to be killed. The officer had been trained and their safety comes first; however, when the officer first saw the man get out of his car. He assumed that this man was just a thief by his clothing. The officer did not second guess anything, he went with what he thought not actual facts. The story also stated that before the officer saw the man he was unease. “He eases out of the car, edges nervously along the fender and past the grille.” Therefore, it is possible that he officer was already nervous, and the officer already made the assumption of the man being a thief. Instead of the officer getting out of the car he should have called for backup or called in to announce what he saw. After the cop gets out of the police car, the officer confronts the man by saying “halt.” The innocent man was merely reaching for his ID but the inexperience Police officer assumed the suspicious looking man was reaching for a weapon and shot first. This inexperienced officer didn’t give the man a chance to explain himself. If this officer when along with the proper procedures, an innocent man would not have been killed. Ultimately, this officer was unjustified for the killing of this man, as, he was unexperienced, stereotyped, and misjudged, and that cost a man his life.


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