Should students in public schools be learning about religion?

Looking at the 4,200 religions around the world, why aren’t students learning about them?Students go to class every day and learn about history, literature, and current events but, they never get to learn about the religions that these textbooks, articles, and teachers are talking about. It would be hard to explain “The Sources” by James A. Mancncer, without learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese religion. Religious conflicts between different religions or peoples from the same faith is regularly in the daily paper or televised on the news, and this plays a huge roll in views of certain religions. How are people supposed to understand these events or the religions when they don’t know the basics of the religion. Schools cling to old traditions of celebrating Christmas by holding concerts filled with song and dance, but what about the other ways that people in this world celebrate the holiday season. During the winter holidays. just imagine only having “Merry Christmas” spread around the school, with plays that you either have to be in or go and watch. Students are being taught that it isn’t normal to follow, or even in some cases, okay to not celebrate Christmas, let alone students that follow different religions having to go to school during a holiday or celebration in the faith they and their family believe in. Schools should be more open to letting students not attend school on certain days for their religion that they believe in. Being able to get an education is an amazing gift that most of the population of the world is blessed to have, but students that have differences in appearance or religion have crimes committed against them almost daily. Not fitting in at school is a common occurrence for students that practice different religions that the main student population may not follow. According to ‘Hate Crimes Victimization’ it reports that the percentage of hate crimes that were motivated by religious bias have risen to nearly three times higher than they were 2010. Many of the hate crimes that are done by perpetrators are secondary school age, one in five hate crimes are done by students under the age of 18. Students with different religions are scared and don’t want to go to school because they are getting hated on by other students of the school. If educators taught students about different religions these problems in and outside of schools wouldn’t be happening. By encouraging schools and educators to teach students about religion and religious beliefs schools could be a safer and enjoyable place for students that follow religions.

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