TOKTW 2017

3 reasons I would like this job
1) You have to work with numbers and math so ,for example, if someone’s annual income is not enough to get the loan then you have to decline. You have to figure out how much they get annually and if they have any debts they have not payed.
2) You have a minimum amount of files to work on every day so once you pass your limit it counts as overtime which gives you the opportunity to make more money.
3) It’s a very friendly environment such as the coworkers and the safe and clean building.

3 reasons I would not enjoy this job
1) Into every file there is a lot of work. You have to look at debts, annual income and if they will be able to pay the loan off.
2) When you finish your files, the next day you have to do paperwork and if you do a lot of files then you get more paperwork.
3) The computers and the applications are slow and old and are very hard to work with. The application that they mainly use is 40 years old and the slow computers make it very very hard to work with.

I think this job will be a good fit for me because I like working with numbers and technology and this is a combination of them both.

This experience was very interesting and I learned a lot about how loans are given to people. After high school I want to continue with my education and then travel the world.