Electric house science project

In this project we had to make a house out of cardboard. We also needed to decorate the house by adding furniture and wallpaper and we also added circuits for lights. We faced the challenge of putting this project together in a very short amount of time but we finished on time and got a pretty good grade for the amount of time we were given.

Circuit review
1. When you take something out of a circuit, like a light bulb, it will break the loop that the electrons go through. If the circuit is connected by series then the loop would be broken and none of the light bulbs would work. As for parallel, only the light bulb which was disconnected wouldn’t work but the rest of the circuit would still work. If the circuit stops working after you unscrew the light bulb, it means that it is connected by series and you stopped the flow of electrons
2. If you unscrew the bulb and the other lights keep working, you have a parallel circuit because it doesn’t break the flow of electrons. Make sure that you don’t break the loop because if you do, it means that you made a series circuit.
3. When the electrons from the battery exit, they can go through parallel or series. If they go through series first, the intensity of the series and the first parallel light would be the same but the second parallel bulb would be dimmer. If the electrons went through the parallel circuit first, the first parallel light would be bright and the second parallel and series would be the same intensity at a dimmer level.
4. If one of the parrallel bulbs was taken out of the circuit, the entire circuit would become series which would mean that the intensities of the bulbs would be the same.

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