Electric house science project

In this project we had to make a house out of cardboard. We also needed to decorate the house by adding furniture and wallpaper and we also added circuits for lights. We faced the challenge of putting this project together in a very short amount of time but we finished on time and got a pretty good grade for the amount of time we were given.

Circuit review
1. When you take something out of a circuit, like a light bulb, it will break the loop that the electrons go through. If the circuit is connected by series then the loop would be broken and none of the light bulbs would work. As for parallel, only the light bulb which was disconnected wouldn’t work but the rest of the circuit would still work. If the circuit stops working after you unscrew the light bulb, it means that it is connected by series and you stopped the flow of electrons
2. If you unscrew the bulb and the other lights keep working, you have a parallel circuit because it doesn’t break the flow of electrons. Make sure that you don’t break the loop because if you do, it means that you made a series circuit.
3. When the electrons from the battery exit, they can go through parallel or series. If they go through series first, the intensity of the series and the first parallel light would be the same but the second parallel bulb would be dimmer. If the electrons went through the parallel circuit first, the first parallel light would be bright and the second parallel and series would be the same intensity at a dimmer level.
4. If one of the parrallel bulbs was taken out of the circuit, the entire circuit would become series which would mean that the intensities of the bulbs would be the same.

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Data Analysis – Math

Anyone can hide behind a screen and pretend to be anyone they want to be. They can say biased things that can influence people on political views and other points that people have opinions on. Before confirming something on social media you need to look at credible sources on the internet and make sure that you are getting facts and not opinions of people. People accept random friend requests online and they have to be careful with these strangers and make sure that they don’t change their opinions on biased things that are on social media.

People need to be careful on what they post online because their pictures can be used elsewhere for wrong purposes. People can use your face online for examples and for wrongful things without your permission. When you look online for information make sure the sites say the places they are getting the information from because the information and pictures could have been made up. Also people should avoid tabloids because they don’t usually have credible information.

Fake articles online will impact the future. Everyone will need to get educated on how to find credible articles and how to avoid fake ones. Fake articles make it harder for researchers to find new things and they have to dig deeper to make credible articles. It’s important that people know how to find sources which are credible and use databases which can speed up the process of finding sources which are credible by getting rid of some that are not credible

Set BC project

This is my Supernatural Riverside project that I worked on with Kameko. This project is about how climate change is affecting the Coquitlam river. It tells people how they can help reduce releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while improving their way of life.

In terms of collaboration I think it went pretty well because we both used our strengths to our advantage and we both did our parts well. We didn’t have any issues with each other and did equal amounts of work. She was in charge of research and putting it all together to make the script a which she did and we both did parts of the research. When we were recording our voices for the video, i thought that it could have been a little longer and we could have practiced a little more before recording. We didn’t exactly use the collaboration contract we made at the start but we still did equal parts either together or separately.

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Wonder project – Is it possible for humans to travel at the speed of light?

I’ve always been interested in space so I decided to make this project about the possibility of humans travelling at the speed of light. According to my research, all sources say it isn’t possible to travel at the speed of light. Along with this research I also discovered some new things that I didn’t know about. As the speed climbs up of an object, it’s mass increases. Any energy that you put into an object just increases the mass and doesn’t do anything to the speed. Mass and energy are the same thing when it comes down to this theory. This increase in mass is only noticeable if the object is moving very fast and one of the reasons that it is impossible to obtain the speed of light is that the mass of the object would have to be infinity. Time dilation is a theory which explains that time for objects moving very fast is slowed. According to this theory, if you traveled at the speed of 90% of 186,000 miles per second which is the speed of light, your time time would be halved. Some other effects would be that you see a small window like tunnel because of the photons that seem to go forwards. This tunnel will seem blue because of stars crowding together which is an example of the Doppler effect. As you go faster, the Doppler effect becomes stronger until the colour goes off of the visible spectrum or a faded black. Another thing that would happen if you could get an object to the speed of light is that the length would shrink to zero. The length can be calculated by dividing the proper length by the Lorentz factor. If you were the object travelling at the speed of light, you would not get squished and time would tick normally, but if you were watching then you would be able to see and measure the difference. In this theory, everything including time is relevant. In conclusion, I learned that the reason which is making it impossible to travel at the speed of light is that the faster you go, the mass gets bigger and at the speed of light, the mass would be infinite. I also learned the side effects of traveling almost as fast as light and how you would see time compared to others.

Video explaining how fast light travels and how we could use light in the future: 

Bibliography and research:

ADL10 information fluency
1. The questions that I had to research were: Will humans ever be able to travel at the speed of light? Why can’t we travel at the speed of light? What is time dilation? How does Einstein’s theory of relativity explain this? What are the side effects of traveling at the speed of light?
2. I used google to find my sites and I also tried to use the TED app for videos. I couldn’t figure out how to embed videos from TED so I used YouTube. I figured out how to embed a video in edublogs and how to embed my word document in edublog as well.
3. To investigate this topic I researched a lot of different questions and found a lot of interesting sites which I narrowed down to 3 sites. Lots of the sites had the same information and that helped me verify that the information was accurate. For the video I looked on TED and YouTube and I picked the most interesting video and used it.
4. I double checked the information with other sources to verify the information and I put all the citations and sources in one word document which I put above.
5. I liked the process because I could research something that interested me and I had fun learning about it. If we had more time I could have dug deeper and found more information about how we can use light speed in the future. Also maybe I could have made more small questions to answer which would contribute to my big question.

Community connections assignment

I interviewed Dr. Sabrina Makhani

Her roles and responsibilities are doing work on teeth like fillings, crowns and bridges, root canals, extractions and much more. Being the owner of the practice she needs to do administrative work like management, payroll for staff and other payments and also overlooking that the clinic runs smoothly.

I chose her because her job has always interested me and I wanted to learn more about what she does and why she likes it.

I learned that dentistry is a very hard profession to get but once you get it, you will be successful. I also learned that you have to be very careful with everything you do in that

1. Why are you passionate about your job?
– Likes interacting with people
– Helping get rid of dental pain
– Loves the creativity
– Satisfaction when it’s done
2. What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?
– Got a degree from India that was not accepted in Canada so had to go through university again for 2 years
– Financially hard because she was an immigrant
– Child that was 1 month old
– Had to travel 3 hours every day to go to university
– Didn’t have time for her child
– Had to work on weekends for 10 years to reduce child care
– In debt for starting clinic (take a loan)
3. What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?
– Be focused
– Have a plan of courses you need to take
– Do your best to get into the field
– Hard at first but gets easier
4. Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?
– No
5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years with this job?
– Paid off bank loans
– Be in a better place than today with her practice growing and becoming more successful
– Cut down work hours and hire associates to work for her
6. How long did it take for you to adjust from dentistry in India to dentistry in Canada?
– The two years in university opened her eyes and helped her adjust from India to Canada
– These 2 years helped to improve her skill to the same level as Canadian dentists

Website link : http://www.mellowdentalcare.com

This interview opened up the opportunity of going to university and getting this degree. If I get this degree and become a dentist I will get my mother’s practice and I will not have to go through the obstacles that she went through.