Wonder astronomy project

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1. In order to research my topic, I needed to search up how galaxies expand and how the Big Bang created space. I also researched what happened with the matter in the universe – does it just spread out or does more get created. With this I was able to find sources which gave me information about the expansion of space and how it started. I also found different informations about the expansion of galaxies within.
2. I attempted to narrow all my searches to government and education sites on google and destiny and then took down all the key points and put it in the PowerPoint. I found my video on YouTube which explained my project with detail. I then connected it to the edublog.
3. In order to create this presentation I researched various ideas and questions and found many sources which I then narrowed down to 4 which I found key points in and turned it into a PowerPoint.
4. I made sure that the sources were on verified cites used for education or government owned to get the most accurate information I could.
5. I think that I could I explained each idea a little deeper and maybe expanded my idea to connect to other ones which go deeper into the expansion of our universe but overall I think I learned a lot from just researching and going over differencpt sources and just using my own words to create the presentation from what I had read.

4 thoughts on “Wonder astronomy project

  1. This is a really cool topic! It’s interesting how you found out that the universe never stops expanding. I wonder when or if our planet will be one of the smallest things in the universe.

  2. I really like your question, The idea of a never expanding Universe is really fascinating to me and I learned a lot about the matter expanding in our universe. I would’ve liked to seen a little more about the importance of it but I really liked your project.

  3. I love your question, I also wonder a lot about how the expansion of the universe affects galaxies and matter. You did a good job answering your question and asking more questions when you found out no new matter is created. I wish you had written more about what would happen if new matter was created I found that very cool in your presentation. Great work!

  4. Very good job Sahir! I found your topic on space very interesting and I hope you research more about it in your class – Sabrina

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