Data Analysis – Math

Anyone can hide behind a screen and pretend to be anyone they want to be. They can say biased things that can influence people on political views and other points that people have opinions on. Before confirming something on social media you need to look at credible sources on the internet and make sure that you are getting facts and not opinions of people. People accept random friend requests online and they have to be careful with these strangers and make sure that they don’t change their opinions on biased things that are on social media.

People need to be careful on what they post online because their pictures can be used elsewhere for wrong purposes. People can use your face online for examples and for wrongful things without your permission. When you look online for information make sure the sites say the places they are getting the information from because the information and pictures could have been made up. Also people should avoid tabloids because they don’t usually have credible information.

Fake articles online will impact the future. Everyone will need to get educated on how to find credible articles and how to avoid fake ones. Fake articles make it harder for researchers to find new things and they have to dig deeper to make credible articles. It’s important that people know how to find sources which are credible and use databases which can speed up the process of finding sources which are credible by getting rid of some that are not credible

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