Principles of flight


Part one
Bernoulli’s Principle

It is when the wind has higher velocity, the pressure is lower, and when the velocity is lower, the pressure is higher. This is used in flight because wings have a higher velocity (lower pressure) of air going over them and lower velocity (higher pressure) underneath which causes lift. The lift happens because the higher pressure pushes against the lower pressure.

Part 2

At the beginning of the launch, the thrust from the pressured air is being used
At halfway, drag and lift and being used on the rocket
When the rocket goes in another direction, the weight is the force that is acting on the rocket because the rocket needs to come down so the tip has to point down in order to still include the force of drag from the fins and have a somewhat smooth landing
Some rockets exploded and some didn’t fly very far but there were a few that flew very far. Some rockets didn’t get enough thrust at the beginning, some didn’t have big wings to use the force of lift and some were too heavy.some had wings too big so there was too much drag and some noses were too big which also created drag. It’s very hard to find the exact right balance between the 4 forces

Rocket simulators rocket simulator
What was your maximum height and speed?
Height: 589 m
Speed: 91m/sec
What was the mass, thrust and thrust time on your high score?
Mass: 20
Thrust: 400
Thrust time: 5 seconds gravity launch
Why does a rocket fling around earth/moon?
Because of the gravitational pull on the moon and planets
What is an orbit?
Orbit is the trajectory caused by gravity

Ohio 4-H bottle rockets
Highest score: 216
Settings: Round cone, nose weight 5oz, body weight 10oz, tail weight 4oz, water 32oz, pressure 100 psi

Part 3 – bottle rockets

I thought it would go at least 100 meters high because of the pressure but it only went about 50 meters up.
I think that the top of the bottle came out too early which caused drag.

The rocket didn’t go straight up, I think because the tip of the rocket was pointing a little off center.

I think it would have been better in groups because then you can get 2 perspectives and more ideas and more creativity into one rocket.

I didn’t get to launch twice and I didn’t make any changes. If I could have made changes I would have made the tip centred and made a bigger cone at the top so that the parachutes would open.

It would have kept going up and the parachutes would have been useless. It would never end.

They consider the amount of fuel, if there are any holes, the amount of weight in the rockets, the oxygen levels, speed and the materials.

It will have more space inside the rocket, they will have more oxygen, communication tools and space suits/trackers on everything that humans use in space.

I think that over the next ten years rockets will change a lot because outer space is still a wonder. I think they will get more aerodynamic and get higher speeds. They will get smaller but will be more efficient.

They have to put fuel according to the amount of cargo in the rocket. It has to be precise in order to launch properly and not go off track in space.

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