Fahrenheit 451 Visual

  “At the count of ten now! One! Two!” He felt the city rise “Three!” He felt the city turn to its thousands of doors “Four!” The people sleepwalking in their hallways. “Five!” He felt their hands on the door knobs.

Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

We were group four and we were assigned the pages 43- 51. For my group, I had the job of the summarizer, but I also tried helping others in my group. As the summarizer, my job was to go through the section and pick out the important parts. I went through the whole section and […]

Be Proud of Who You Are

Read the essay here   My Pride, Their Prejudice is an essay that is written by Samantha. Samantha is a Palestinian Muslim who was raised in America; her parents had fled their homeland due to war with hope of having a better future in America. This reminded of the recent mosque attacks in New Zealand […]

Blog Log 1 – Be Thankful

Read the article here  Happy With What I Have is an essay that is written by Marianne Bachleder. This essay reveals how people should be grateful for the things that we already have. This essay intrigued me because we tend to forget the value of small but important things in life. We take so many […]