Narrative Poem – Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptian Pyramids

It is a bright and sunny day is out in Cairo

An archaeologist is named Abu 

Searching for the mysteries of the pyramids

In a hot plain dessert 


Just then, Abu finds a control remote that is blue

He wonders what is it as he presses the button 

and witnesses something bewildered, something he is amazed by——

A human face showed up under the pyramid from the ground

Staircases dropped gradually, inviting him in


He sees himself through the ancient structures

The unknown fascinates him 

The mystery of the pyramid magnetizes him 

He pays his largest effort to climb them, to explore the wonders that intrigues him


The blue remote once in his hand is now in the mouth of a camel

But Abu is in awe of the interior of the pyramid

The entrance closes 

As Abu steps into the danger of the obscure structure


Outside the pyramid, the camel is busy chewing the remote

that controls the human figure beneath the pyramid

It transforms into happy, sad, and funny faces

And eventually, it changes into a camel face


The camel was also amazed

He stares at the camel face and the camel face stares at him

At the first time, the camel sees himself through the history

The camel was in complete awe of the scene


Due to the surprise, camel gulps down the remote

The pyramid goes down under the ground

Abu in the pyramid is trapped 


Just then, the pyramid spits out Abu

And he is back to where he has started like nothing has happened

Abu and the camel stare at each other

But their curiosity towards the mysteries are satisfied



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